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Inhibitory mechanisms of polyphenols on heme protein-mediated lipid oxidation in muscle food: New insights and advances


Haizhou Wu   Chalmers University of Technology

Kathrine H. Bak   University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

Gheorghe V. Goran   University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest

Nantawat Tatiyaborworntham   University of National Center for Genetic Engineering and BiotechnologyMedicine Vienna


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Lipid oxidation is a major cause of quality deterioration that decreases the shelf-life of muscle-based foods (red meat, poultry, and fish), in which heme proteins, particularly hemoglobin and myoglobin, are the primary pro-oxidants. Due to increasing consumer concerns over synthetic chemicals, extensive research has been carried out on natural antioxidants, especially plant polyphenols. The conventional opinion suggests that polyphenols inhibit lipid oxidation of muscle foods primarily owing to their strong hydrogen-donating and transition metal-chelating activities. Recent developments in analytical techniques (e.g., protein crystallography, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, fluorescence anisotropy, and molecular docking simulation) allow deeper understanding of the molecular interaction of polyphenols with heme proteins, phospholipid membrane, reactive oxygen species, and reactive carbonyl species; hence, novel hypotheses regarding their antioxidant mechanisms have been formulated. In this review, we summarize five direct and three indirect pathways by which polyphenols inhibit heme protein-mediated lipid oxidation in muscle foods. We also discuss the relation between chemical structures and functions of polyphenols as antioxidants.

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Animals; Humans; Antioxidants pharmacology; Hemeproteins chemistry metabolism; Lipid Peroxidation drug effects; Meat; Myoglobin chemistry metabolism; Oxidation-Reduction; Polyphenols pharmacology; Reactive Oxygen Species metabolism; Food Preservation methods

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