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Food Restriction Reveals Individual Differences in Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Reaction Norms


Zsófia Tóth   University of Debrecen

Ádám Zoltán Lendvai   University of Debrecen

Levente Őri   University of Debrecen

Katharina Mahr   University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

Gyula Ölveczki   University of Debrecen


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Most organisms have to cope with unpredictable environmental challenges such as fluctuations in nutritional resources. Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) is an evolutionarily conserved hormone that is highly sensitive to the individual nutritional status and regulates major life-history traits including lifespan and reproduction across vertebrates. We investigated the role of IGF-1 during periods of food shortages by altering between two feeding regimes (110 and 70% of daily food intake) after a period of ad libitum feeding in captive bearded reedlings (Panurus biarmicus). Each dietary treatment was repeated twice. Birds lost mass under food restriction, but the magnitude of mass change depended on the preceding dietary conditions. Moreover, bearded reedlings showed large, repeatable individual differences in their IGF-1 reaction norms with some individuals increasing IGF-1 levels in response to a restricted diet, whereas others showed no responses or decreased IGF-1 levels. This variation was explained by differences in average body mass: heavier individuals had higher IGF-1 levels during the control treatment and were more likely to decrease IGF-1 levels in response to the dietary restriction than did lighter ones. This result uncovers an individual by environment interaction (I x E) and may have important implications for the evolution of IGF-1 related hormonal phenotypes in this species.

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A correction has been applied to this article in:

Corrigendum: Food restriction reveals individual differences in insulin-like growth factor-1 reaction norms (https://doi.org/10.3389/fevo.2022.1070634)

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Dietary Restriction; Metabolic-Rate; Body Condition; Igf-1; Hormone; Availability; Binding; Trout; Differentiation; Deprivation

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