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Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in Sheep and Goats in Austria: Seroprevalence, Risk Factors and Detection from Boot Swab Samples


Juliane Schrott   Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety

Johannes Lorenz Khol   University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

Alexander Tichy   University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

Eva Sodoma   Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety

Michael Dünser   Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety



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This study aimed to investigate the prevalence of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP) in small ruminants in Austria by testing 22,019 serum samples with ELISA for the presence of specific antibodies. Furthermore, detailed investigations in five MAP-infected goat herds were carried out by ELISA, qPCR and bacterial culture. The found animal-level apparent MAP seroprevalence was 2.0% for goats and 0.7% for sheep (calculated true prevalence 3.5% and 1.2%, respectively). Herd-level apparent MAP seroprevalence was 11.1% for goat herds and 8.9% for sheep flocks. Significant risk factors for seropositivity in goat herds were: herd size, animal trading, farmed as a dairy herd, Animal Health Service membership and cohabitation with farmed game. For sheep flocks, seroprevalence was significantly higher in flocks with animal trading and where cattle or goats were kept in the flock, respectively. The overall apparent within-herd MAP seroprevalence in the five goat farms investigated was 21.8% (11.7%-28.0%, calculated true seroprevalence 38.6%) and an overall rate of MAP shedding of 12.3% was detected (5.0%-24.7%). It was possible to identify MAP by culture using boot swab samples in each herd. The results indicated a moderate MAP infection rate in small ruminants in Austria.

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Fragment-Length-Polymorphism; Johnes-Disease; Fecal Culture; Dairy Herds; Cattle; Epidemiology; Prevalence; Diversity; Infection; Wild

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