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Radiographic Diagnosis of Hip Laxity in Rottweilers: Interobserver Agreement at Eight- and Twelve-Months of Age


Masoud Aghapour   University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

Barbara Bockstahler   University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

Sibylle Kneissl   University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

Aldo Vezzoni   Clinica Veterinaria Vezzoni S.R.L.

Michaela Gumpenberger   University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

Harald Hechinger   University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

Alexander Tichy   University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

Britta Vidoni   University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna



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Hip laxity is one of the predisposing factors of canine hip dysplasia. The early diagnosis of hip laxity allows veterinarians to prevent the participation of dysplastic dogs in breeding programs, which could lower the disease's prevalence due to its genetic background. Furthermore, it allows them to plan preventive/therapeutic procedures for mild/near-normal hips to reduce the symptoms of the disease at older ages. A reliable screening program must be repeatable and reproducible, and intra- and inter-observer studies can help us to determine the best methods. In this study, we aimed to evaluate the radiographic parameters used for the early diagnosis of hip dysplasia in Rottweilers at 8 and 12 months of age with five observers to assess the interobserver agreements. According to our findings, there were high interobserver agreements at both ages for the quantitative values, such as the center edge angle (CEA), dorsal acetabular rim slope (DARS), distraction index (DI), and Norberg angle (NA), whereas we recorded from poor to moderate agreements for the qualitative values, such as the grading of the dorsal acetabular rim (GDAR), grading of the degenerative joint disease (GDJD), location of the center of the femoral head (LCFH), and sclerosis of the cranial acetabular rim (SCAR).

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